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How Should a Reformed Pastor Be Charismatic?

The message by U.K. Pastor Tope Koleoso is entitled “Sovereign Grace, Spiritual Gifts and the Pastor: How Should a Reformed Pastor be Charismatic?” He encouraged church leaders not to sidestep the supernatural in the Christian faith and ministry, but to rightly understand and exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit while shunning fanaticism. The freedom in Spirit must not surrender to fanaticism, our openness to the Spirit must never violate the Word of God, and our expression of joy must never degenerate into mere excitability.



Video via Joshua Harris


  1. Thank you for sharing this message. God bless you, Walter. May Pastor Tope’s prayer be lived out in the lives of pastors all around the world and the congregations they lead. Spirit-filled and Spirit-lead. Amen.


    • Awesome! CC Rock!
      I absolutely enjoyed listening to pastor Tope, his message was powerful – it’s about time. Thanks Melanie.


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