Memorial Day 2013
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Death is a greater deliverer

Thomas Brooks was an English Puritan preacher and author in the 1600s. Though he’s best known for his many books and theological treatises, we have several of his sermons in print, some of which are funeral sermons. In one funeral sermon, Brooks reminds his listeners that for the believer, death not only ceases to be our conqueror; death actually becomes God’s meek helper. He wrote: “Death is another Moses: it delivers believers out of bondage, and from making bricks in Egypt.” He continued:

Remember this—death does that in a moment, which no graces, no duties, nor any ordinances could do for a man all his lifetime! Death frees a [person] from those diseases, corruptions, temptations … that no duties, nor graces, nor ordinances could do …. Every prayer then [when we die] shall have its answer; all hungering and thirsting shall be filled and satisfied; every sigh, groan, and tear that has fallen from the saints’ eyes shall then be recompensed. That is not death but life, which joins the dying man to Christ!

I am thankful for all those who sacrifice it all and praying for all those who lost someone dear… You are the greatest.

Lee Eclov, in the sermon It Doesn’t Sting Anymore,

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  1. In 2 Corinthians 5 is a verse that gives fresh life to me whenever I recall it: This *mortality* shall be swallowed up by *LIFE*!!! Hallelujah! This isn’t living, baby, it’s just the precursor. Real life is just around the corner. My dear friend (who gave me the guitar on my avatar) has bone cancer. I spoke with him yesterday. His heart rate is only 39 beats per minute. He said, “I think tonite might be it for me.” I replied, “In that case, I’ll say ‘See you later,’ just in case.” “That’s right, Tami. We’ll meet on that beautiful shore.” To know that his pain-racked, cancer-ridden body will be a thing of his past is such a relief. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement!


    • wow! you are welcome. Sad to hear about your friend, but than – he is going to a better place. There will be no sorrow over there, no more parting over there, no more tear to dim the eye. No more sickness, no more pain. May God’s will be done in your friend’s life. If he lives or dies – it’s a win win situation. Stay blessed!


        • I’m so blessed by this conversation Tami and Walt. It is hard I know. I will never forget that night my husband almost died from meningitis. I laid down in exhaustion from the ER/ICU going ons, and I told God “please don’t take him home yet. But should that be your plan then I know Emerson (our daughter) and I will be fine because we have you.” He miraculously lived through it and was healed in a matter of hours.
          But I knew we’d all be fine inside His plan. We’d all be loved. It isn’t easy to let go. But it is possible to let go of one hand if we have His hand in our other one.


  2. Walt
    I am so so so glad you stopped by my blog because it gave me an easy link to yours. My reader is so full and my app has messed up so much that I don’t always see your stuff. And I love your blog!!


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