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Discover the Seven-fold activity of God in Psalm 23

God is perfect and everything he does is perfect. Take a fresh look a this timeless psalm again today… It’s the seven-fold perfection of God in our imperfect lives.

he satisfies our hunger…

There is a promised reward for all those who hunger after God and His righteousness – They shall be filled.

he leads us by the still waters;
There is a promised reward for those 
who would allow God to take them to 
still waters - They shall find rest

he restores us when we have fallen away

There is a promised reward for those who repent and turn from their wicked ways – They shall be restored.

he guides us in the way of righteousness

There is a promised reward for those who would look to God and His word for what they want to do – They shall find guidance.

he abides `with us’ even through death

There is a promised reward for who do not fear when life is hard, dangerous and even tragic – They will never be alone in those times.

 he gives us `a table' full of provisions
There is a promise reward for those who 
allow the Lord to build the house and 
watch over the city - They always find 
his provision. And they don't have to 
lose sleep over it.

he cares for us eternally

There is a promised reward for all those who decide to stay confident in God’s unfailing love – They shall continue to experience his goodness, mercies here on the earth and in the life to come.

Psalm 23


  1. Anonymous says

    Dear Pastor,
    I just wanted to mention a truth that I learned this week..
    The Christian journey is a marathon….Not a sprint. While we all run may the Lord help us to remember (through the stress, pain, weariness and discouragement ) that we have a priceless reward at the end of our run.
    We do remember you in prayer. Be encouraged!!!!! Nell and Secret Bro


    • Amen! What a wonderful and encouraging thought. Thank you and thanks to my secret bro. Hope he is doing great. See you tonight.


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  4. Desiray says

    Of all the books and verses in the Bible my Mother taught us kids Psalm 23 that was the very first one we learned..She taught us to always say it when we are scared, worried and need help. and still to this day as an adult I always recite this whole chapter of Psalm 23 what peace it brings to me…


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