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Last Words of Famous Rock Stars

This post is not intended to endorse in any way, form or fashion, the lifestyles of the artists mentioned in this post while they lived on this earth. The post does seek to make any judgment or any determination about the eternal fate of these artists. We can only hope that each one of these had at least one moment to connect with their creator before their passing.
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In his book, The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars, rock historian Jeremy Simmonds writes, “When the last moment [of life] does arrive, even the most articulate [musicians] can struggle to find the right words.” Simmonds lists the following last words of famous contemporary musicians:

Amy Winehouse, the British singer who died in 2011, tweeted her last words: “Oinka Oinka Oinka why you awake.”

Terry Kath, the Chicago guitarist who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, said: “Don’t worry—it’s not loaded, see?”

Michael Jackson: “I’d like to have some milk. Please, please give me some more.”

Kurt Cobain: “I don’t have the passion any more, and so remember, it’s better to burn out than to fade away. Peace, love, empathy.”

Barry White told his nurse, “Leave me alone, I’m fine.”

The Beatles George Harrison said, “Love one another.”

Bob Marley: “Money can’t buy life.”

Bo Diddley: “I’m goin’ to heaven! I’m comin’ home.”

Shortly before her death, Whitney Houston said, “You know, he’s so cool. I really want to see Jesus.”

Adapted from Jeremy Simmonds, The Encyclopedia of Dead Rock Stars (Chicago Review Press, 2012); submitted by Van Morris, Mt. Washington, Kentucky
Used here with permission from


  1. Nell says

    So many are convinved of one lie or another. Help us Lord to be full to the brim with Your truth. Don’t let it spill over on fallow ground.


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