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Relativism: What’s your take?

While a lot of young people across America and around the world are helplessly struggling with what some are calling “the morass of relativism” Abraham Ebel writes,

It all depends on where you are and it all depends on who you are.

It all depends on what you feel, and it all depends on how you feel.

It all depends on how you’re raised, and it all depends on what is praised.

What’s right today is wrong tomorrow. Joy in France and England’s sorrow.

It all depends on point of view, Australia or Timbuktu. In Rome do as the Romans do.

If tastes just happen to agree, then you have morality.

But where there are conflicting trends it all depends; it all depends.

Please leave a note or a comment for why you voted the way you did. I would love to hear from you.


  1. I every time used to read post in news papers but now as
    I am a user of net so from now I am using net for content,
    thanks to web.


  2. Yesterday the news carried a story of a teenager who committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted while unconscious at a party. The guys who assaulted her posted cell phone pictures of the assault on the internet. All of the comments following the story expressed outrage. But why? If we’re merely the result of accidental processes in a Godless, purposeless universe, then who can say anything is right or wrong? These guys are just “bags of chemicals” responding to their environment. “It all depends on how you feel…it all depends on how you were raised…what’s right today is wrong tomorrow.”

    May God reveal Himself to people who believe this stuff.


  3. Nell says

    Sounds like the man’a moral compass needs a mite of tweeking. You can’t please a world of screwed up people and please God. I choose God. Some moral leaders (immoral leaders) seem to want us to follow straight into the depths of hell. Please God, turn him about.


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