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15 Tips for blogging from John Newton/ Part 3

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11. Learn to blog your observations more freely, especially if you are bent towards a stilted formalism.

“I wish you not only to write a good hand, but a good letter; and the whole art is to write with freedom and ease. When you take your pen in hand, pop things down just as they come to your mind; just as you would speak of them without study” (6:304).

12. Blog humbly and in faith, knowing the Lord will lead you to offer a “word in season” for your readers in their time of need.

“I love to give up my heart and pen, without study, when I am writing. The Lord knows the state of my friends, their present temptations, etc and I look to him to give me a word in season” (6:42).

13. Pray that God would fill your soul with divine joy as you write, that this joy would be communicated on the screen, resulting in a shared joy with your reader.

“Oh! that the power of God would set my heart and pen at liberty while writing, and fill your hearts while reading, that we may rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (6:18).

14. Do not allow blog writing to cause your neglect of family priorities.

“I have been interrupted since I began my letter, and I must leave it again soon to go to my children, for it is almost eleven” (6:267).

15. Redeem your barren blogging experiences, use them to see your needs and weaknesses, and lean upon God for his sustaining and supplying grace.

“Though my pen and my tongue sometimes move freely, yet the total incapacity and stagnation of thought I labor under at other times, convinces me, that in myself I have not sufficiency to think a good thought; and I believe the case would be the same, if that little measure of knowledge and abilities, which I am too prone to look upon as my own, were a thousand times greater than it is. For every new service, I stand in need of a new supply, and can bring forth nothing of my supposed store into actual exercise, but by his immediate assistance” (1:506).

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By Tony Reinke

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  3. Love this and for me it is truly a ‘word in season’. I love your translation of his words into today’s world. Brilliant.


  4. These are all good tips – how to choose one that really spoke to me??? Perhaps #11 – I’ve found that I write like I talk (minus the accent). But #12 and 13 are the REAL clinchers! Thank you again for these. May I share all three of these on Pinterest?


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