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Biblical Descriptions of the Atonement

Sometimes we read the bible and it all seems like gibberish, nothing makes sense and nothing connects. 
But with a closer look, everything falls in place. 

When it comes to getting a message across, the Lord has done a great job making himself amply clear. 
Nothing is vague, hidden or obscure, if, through the eye of the Holy Spirit, we could just stay patient and 
dig a little deeper - That's when all these gems, treasures begin to unfold.
Type of Language Biblical Words Human Need The Result
Language of OT sacrifices Blood, lamb, sacrifice We are guilty We are forgiven
Language of personal relationships Reconciliation We are alienated from God We are brought back into intimate fellowship with God
Language of righteous anger at wrongdoing Propitiation We are under God’s holy wrath God’s wrath is satisfied/quenched
Language of the marketplace Redemption, ransom We are enslaved We are set free
Language of the law court Justification We are condemned We are pardoned and counted as righteous
Language of the battlefield Victory, deliverance, rescue We are facing dreadful enemies We are delivered and are triumphant in Christ
I believe that God wanted us to know that the atonement is a very big deal, so he did everything in His power to make that amply clear.


  1. Desiray says

    We grow the more we read, yes there are times things don’t make sense but one thing is for sure, the Holy Spirit will reveal it to us when we need it and than we will be like, yeah I remember reading that now I know what it meant…AMEN


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