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Persevere: Don’t throw your away confidence

In 1866 an amateur geologist noticed some South African
children playing with a glistening rock. Intrigued, he asked the children’s
mother if he could buy it. She said it wasn’t worth anything and simply
give it to him for free. Later when he examined it more closely, his hunch was confirmed, it was a diamond. He calculated its weight at 21 carats.


Are you a young christian thinking that your new-found faith is worth nothing?

Have you given up trying to find a new church for your family because of the bad experience you had in your last church?

Are you being tested and tried by some problem and it seems like God is nowhere to be found?

Are you thinking about ending your marriage because the situation still looks hopeless?

Please don’t give up. Don’t throw away your confidence, for there is great reward in store for you. If you’ll just persevere and not give up, there is a crown of glory awaiting you. You have in you something that money can’t buy – something worth more than 21 carats, so give yourself permission to thrive:

  • Don’t throw away your confidence in Jesus… He is more than you can ever imagine
  • Don’t leave your family, God still works miracles. Sometimes when we are at our wits end, that’s when he shows up
  • Don’t take your relationships for granted, they are worth more than you can imagine
  • Don’t stop dreaming, who knows where God will take you
  • No matter what the naysayers may dish out, keep your head high. Do your thing, sing your song, write you poems, do your craft, produce the next big thing.
  • Don’t lose heart in the ministry and your calling – God is not done with you yet!
  • Don’t stop blogging even if your grammar is bad, and you are an awful speller, work harder, make the necessary adjustments, never give up
  • Don’t give up if no one reads your posts, and no one wants to follow you or even subscribe to your blog. Keep trying to improve yourself, keep doing your best – it is going to get better
  • Don’t give up on your marriage, your teenage son or daughter, it will all work out
  • Don’t give up believing for a child, keep praying, keep trying, there is a miracle awaiting you
  • Don’t take for granted the health you have today, be thankful and take care of yourself.
  • Don’t lose hope, let it be an anchor for your soul.
  • Persevere… dont give up your confidence!

I can go on and on with this – but my point is this: There is so much value in you – don’t treat yourself like a loser and others like nothing. The people, the gifts and talents and resources God has given you (small or insignificant) don’t despise them and your days of humble beginnings.

Give yourself permission to thrive. It is never over until God says it’s over!


  1. Amen! Love this story. We need to persevere in our faith because we serve a God who is mighty and who is personally active in our lives. He doesn’t always show up when we want or in the way we want, but He does show up. His timing and His plans are always greater than ours. Blessings!


  2. Brush Arbors says

    Good message bro walter..was a good reminder to me to keep my fire going…. Blessings My friend… Bro Pat.


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  5. Good post here, and you said it all on this one. I know I make grammar errors but had to ask do you mean don’t or done with you yet? I plan on retweeting this post..

    I have added you to my blogroll, continue letting GOD use you. God Bless 🙂


    • hahaha you see what I mean… I was trying to encourage myself… so I bet I meant “He is not done with you yet” thanks for pointing that out. And I am honor to be on your blogroll. Thank you! wow!


  6. I love this post! From the story at the beginning–I have never heard that one–and how you tie it into your brilliant message; well done! Confidence or faith or trust or knowing–it is truly the anchor to our souls. Thank you for this post!


    • thanks for the comment and kind words. I just read a post of yours and posted a paragraph from it – calling it “don’t beat yourself up” I truly enjoyed reading it! Thanks.


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