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How to deal with the CRITICS

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 The Positive Side of Negative Reviews

In it there is a call for business owners to take negative reviews and
used them to improve their business.
My question is how can a
believer take negative criticisms and use them to their advantage?

Is there something to gain from
negative feedback? According to
celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and a
group of business owners from across
the country, the answer is yes.
Approximately 80% of the reviews on
Yelp are positive, but even the best
businesses can get hit with negative
The reason is simple: It’s
impossible to please everyone 100%
of the time. How do these business
owners use negative reviews to
improve their business
and get even more customers?
I don’t know if you have ever been criticized or received negative remarks from friends, family and co-workers. How do you react to them? Is there anything you can learn from them? Or do you just get supper mad at your critics. How can you turn these negatives into positives?
1. Don’t take it personal.
Grant me prudence to avoid him who flatters me, and to endure patiently
him who contradicts me. Thomas ‘a Kempis
Yeah, I agree with you, that was my reaction to the above quote. For me, it is always personal when somebody judges and criticizes me. They probably don’t like me, my accent, hairdo, the car I drive or the way I laugh. It is probably personal for them, but should not be for me. They are probably jealous of me, my good looks, six packs, mustache, intelligence, my style, my swag or maybe my success. It is personal for them, but should not for me. Here is why!
Whether you like it or not – you should expect to get some negative feedback from people in your life circle. It is okay when it is from your friend but even better if it is from the guy who really doesn’t like you. Keep in mind that you cannot please everyone 100% of the time.
Criticism is really painful, but when received with humility and a willingness to learn from it , it can change your lives.
2. Remind yourself quickly that what I just told you to do is not easy to do – humanly speaking. But, isn’t it great that we can find the strength we need, when we need it the most?
I’m reminded every time I feel like I can’t do something – that :
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.   Philippians 4:13
Quite frankly, when I’m criticized by others, I usually, every time rehearse in my mind how I am going to get back. I tend to hold grudges sometimes, and might become very cold toward that person. So Reminding myself that I can tap into God’s power is a good thing – because it immediately drives me to my knees and helps me to rest upon the grace and power of God.
This is where the rubber meets the road. Are you going to return to the old habits of revenge
and counter attacks or are you going to ask the Lord to give you strength? Are you going to resort to anger and bitterness or challenge yourself to deal with it in a godly humble way. I trust that you will turn to the Lord for help.
As always, please share with me your insights – they are of value to me!
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