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She fights for her life and nobody knows

Okay, I was on Google+ last nigh and I came across this wonderful animated stop motion video posted by Christopher Michel. It was the most creative thing I’ve seen in a while. I must confess that I’m not familiar with stop motion that much, so I obsessed with it for a while, sending it to a few people.

I wanted to post it on my blog but I didn’t know who was singing and what the song was. I am kind of dogmatic sometimes about – what I call “worldly music.” Anyways, since I watched the thing for more than a million times :0 I couldn’t help but think about this line – “she fights for her life and nobody knows.” That kind of hit me.

How many times do we meet people who are going through difficult times and we fail to go deeper, beyond the smiles, the fancy cloths, nice shoes and great makeup? Or, how many times we carry stuff, and instead of getting real and vulnerable, we hide behind a mask.

Anyway, if you are fighting for your life today, why don’t you take some time to confide in someone you trust. Why not seek some wisdom, prayer. Why not look to Jesus his word. If you know somebody who might be fighting for dear life, under a cloud of gloom and doom, why don’t you reach out to them. A simple phone call, an invitation for tea or coffee could change that person’s life. They might be contemplating suicide, stepping out the door with the wrong friends or stranded on a highway with no gas, no phone and no one to help. Make that call. Follow that hunch.

May the Lord bring encouragement to you and give you some fresh and heavenly perspective on the stuff you are going through. Watch the video – it’s fun! It might cheer you up.

Song & Lyrics by Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance
Animated in Bed Stop Motion by Christopher Michel

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  1. I couldn’t get video to play on my phone but I could read what you wrote and I hear what you’re saying. Jesus is dealing with me on this issue lately. Do I listen? An acquired skill for sure but I get busy and don’t always stop and capture the moments with other people. Funny because my heart desires to encourage others and I wonder how many times I missed the subtle clues offered from others. Thanks for this extra push-


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