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10 Sacred Reminders Before You Step Into The Pulpit

1. It is foolish to think the gospel message you are about to preach will not offend your audience.

2. It is foolish to presume that after you’ve preached, everyone will like you, friend you on Facebook or follow you on twitter

3. It is foolish to think that everyone in you audience is on the same level of spiritual maturity..therefore will understand what you are saying

4. It is foolish to believe that anything of eternal significance can happen through the flesh

5. It is foolish to act like you are indispensable or anything better than an ass…excuse me…I meant donkey…because God can speak through them too…

6. It is foolish to approve the guy taking notes as super spiritual or a great student of the word

7. it is foolish to act like your personal style of communication, is the only way to preach or teach…the only way God can save or bless others

8. It is foolish to lead one-self into believing that what you are about to preach is only for your audience and not for yourself

9. It is foolish to think you can walk into the pulpit and out of it and not be held accountable for every word you spoke

10. It is foolish to step into the pulpit with concealed, known or un-confessed sin in your life

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  1. One word…AMEN.. I must say I enjoyed this tremendously these words are so very true I been saying those things and more all my life…and finally to come and see someone else say it as well.


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