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Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation-if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:2

One of the first questions a doctor may ask you upon your visit is, “how is your appetite?” Before he can make a diagnosis of what you are going through, he questions you about your appetite, because if you don’t have an appetite, you may need some medicine.

When a Christian takes pleasure in all the latest gossip columns, and the latest entertainment magazines but has no appetite for the Word of God, that is a sign of a dangerous spiritual illness.

But a strong appetite is one of the greatest spiritual gifts one could ever have. It drives one to read, to meditate and to study. It keeps him coming back for more and more and more. It helps one place a certain kind of value on the word; a certain kind of love for the word; a certain kind of devotion to the word.

He simply craves for it!

In our little passage, the apostle states that his readers had been born again; and as the new-born infant desires that aliment which nature has provided for it, so they, being born again-born from above, should as earnestly require that heavenly nourishment which is suited to their new nature; and this the apostle calls the sincere milk of the word.

Let me leave you with a little secret about appetites.

Appetite grows by what it feeds on.

If you want a hunger for the word of God, start today by:

  • Feeding your mind, soul and spirit with the word of God. You are going to make some choices as to what is more important. Entertainment, Social media, Sports or the Word.
  • Start a plan that gets you into the book every day. You are going to discipline yourself for times of reading, meditation and serious study. It is important to Pray the word.
  • Praying over what you are studying is going to open your heart up to more of God’s wisdom and power.

To boost your appetite,

  • You will need to humble yourself. Humility will be a key factor in moving you forward. If you ever begin to think you have arrived, or you know it all you lose your appetite.
  • The Holy Spirit must not only be teacher, but also the one who stirs you. Allow the Holy Spirit to stir your heart to worship and action. The more you avail yourself to him, the more hunger you will have for the word.
  • Live desperately for the word. Live as if you cannot do without it. Listen to it as you drive, workout. Read it on your lunch break. Listen to others preach it. Journal about. Blog about it. Expose yourself to it.
  • Finally, live what you read, meditate and study. Do not only be hearers of the word, but also doers. This only increases your appetite for more.
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