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Cultivating Growth: what church leaders are saying


Six leaders describe how they foster spiritual transformation in others
Article Via Leadership Journal

There are many ways Christians grow: Bible study, fellowship, service, prayer, even hardship. Of course all transformation is ultimately the result of God’s work in a person’s heart. But we were curious: what can a leader do to facilitate this mysterious change in those he or she leads? We asked six church leaders to share one way in which they foster spiritual growth. We trust their responses will contribute to your growth, too.

Discover the Story Together
Scripture is best encountered in community.
Sean Gladding

For a decade my wife and I have been leading a study called “The Story of God.” Basically, we retell familiar biblical narratives in plain, …

Disciplinarians Needed
A firm word can lead to spiritual growth.
Merrill Powers

For the past 11 years, my wife and I have had the privilege of working with individuals who suffer from substance abuse issues. Nearly 600 men …

Feed Yourself First
If we’re not growing, we have little to offer others.
Domani Pothen

Leaders are accountable to seek God for counsel concerning his people. We need his guidance as we walk beside others through their flourishing, …

Remind to Remember
Recalling God’s goodness spurs growth.
Ray Lubeck

One of the best indicators of spiritual maturity is a good memory—how well do we recall, on a regular and practical basis, God’s mercies …

Get Outside the Church
Encountering unbelievers reminds me of the urgency of the mission.
Dan Kimball

One way to foster spiritual growth is to spend time around people who aren’t Christians. I like to hang out in bars and clubs, just listening …

Apply Good Peer Pressure
Invite other into your life.
Jason Johansen

Peer pressure has gotten a bad rap. We’re raised to fight, flee, and resist it. But I love peer pressure, at least the kind spoken of in Hebrews …

I personally think one must first cultivate for him or herself the spiritual disciplines of prayer, personal bible study, obedience when no one is looking, accountability and sharing one’s faith. Than boldly motivate others to do the same by providing opportunities them to practice.

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