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How can I keep from singing your praise?

I can sing in the troubled times Sing when I win I can sing when I lose my step And fall down again I can sing ’cause You pick me up Sing ’cause You’re there I can sing ’cause You hear me, Lord
When I call to You in prayer I can sing with my last breath Sing for I know That I’ll sing with the angels And the saints around the throne. How can i keep from singing your praise how can i ever say enough how amazing is your love how can i keep from shouting your name a know i am loved by the king and it makes my heart i am loved by the king and it makes my heart i am loved by the king and it makes my heart want to sing.

Chris Tomlin

What happens to your praise when you are going through difficult times or when you fail? Do you find your self singing only when things are going great? Is it difficult to maintain an attitude of praise and worship when you are going through difficult times? If it is, than welcome to the human race. For some people it is very easy to sing, worship and praise the Lord through songs when they are going through tough times. But for others it is very difficult. I understand that we are all different, but is it possible to develop an attitude of praise even when everything is falling apart around you? Yes!

I think we can developed an attitude of praise and worship in the midst of our struggles, failures and setbacks. We don’t have to go down crying and complaining. If we can only shift our focus by looking up, it will keep us from going down. It is a matter of choice.

1. If you have a tendency to focus on your problems, you will want to shift focus from the problem to the one who can solve the problem… look to the Lord, his word, and his past miracles… it is a choice.

2. If you have develop an attitude of silence, complaining, worrying or crying about your problem; you can unlearn them by developing new attitudes of thanksgiving, praise and worship… it is a choice.

There is an old song we used to sing back in the day that says:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus look full on wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace

Yes! You can sing in trouble times

Yes! You can sing when you lose your step and fall down

Yes! You can sing because He will pick you up and because He is always there

Yes! You can sing because He’ll answer when you call on Him in prayer

Yes! You can sing because of His amazing love.

Yes! You can sing in the midst of trials – it’s a choice – you can do it! Paul and Silas did it. They had plenty to cry or complain about in their midnight hour but the chose to sing praises to the Lord. Keep your focus on the Lord and listen for the song that he will give, because he always

gives us songs in the night.

Psalm 42:8


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