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Slain in the Spirit – part 1


worship (Photo credit: Celestial Photography)

The phrases “slain in the Spirit,” “falling under the power,” or “resting in the Spirit” are not found in the Bible. They are used, however, to describe the experience of falling to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. Although being slain in the Spirit seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of some recent revivals and evangelistic ministries, there are recorded accounts of people falling under the power of God or being slain in the Spirit in 18th and 19th century revivals. Some of the earlier recorded prostration experiences were related to sinners falling under conviction for their sins. More frequently in the modern Pentecostal/Charismatic revival, believers who are slain in the Spirit experience an extended, intense time of inner work of the Spirit tailored to the specific nature or needs of the individual.

Some expositors have noted that in all biblical instances of the powerful presence of God causing one to fall prostrate, the position was always face down, while in contemporary instances, the worshipper falls backward. When the number of worshippers who fall reaches a larger number with regularity, some

evangelists have relied on “catchers” to protect from injury during a fall. Some have questioned if humans have to protect from injury if the work is genuinely an act of the Holy Spirit. But based on biblical evidence, falling down is not an evidence of spirituality. Nor is it a normative experience that should be sought on the basis of any biblical command or repeated example.

Overwhelming experiences, such as falling to the floor, are, therefore, in themselves not to be encouraged as a pattern sought by all believers. However, such experiences, when they occur, may be valid, and should not be summarily discredited.

On the other hand, some believers attending a meeting where a few are slain in the Spirit may feel incorrectly that if they do not fall, others will think them un-spiritual or resisting the move of the Spirit. A “courtesy fall” is never the work of the Spirit, nor is a quick rise so others may have the experience. If one is truly slain in the Spirit, there is most likely a work the Spirit wishes to do in that life.


Excerpt via A/G Position Papers


  1. Hi Walter; What a great article… I have had this happen to me before.. Your post reminded me of that time… thank you.. Blessings Bro Pat..


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