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Reader Appreciation Award

20120731-231519.jpgOver the past two days Where are you…Where are you going, my blog, has been nominated to receive the reader’s appreciation award. The Reader’s Appreciation Award means a lot because it tells you that someone has been bless by your blog. So thank you Mark Shields. Mark’s blog is an immense blessing to me. I get the feeling that he blogs on purpose. You can always rest assure of finding a solid word from the Lord every time you visit. So, to Mark Shields from “This Day with the Lord” thanks a million! Please visit and follow Mark’s Blog it will be a bless to you.

I would also like to thank another wonderful blogger that I just discovered. Here is what she said to me when she offered the same award, “I wanted to express my gratitude for your blog which sanctifies your readers so I’ve nominated you for the Reader Appreciation.” My response to Nizy is thank you very much for your kind words. I am grateful for your blog as well. The honesty, simplicity and inspiration is obvious. Thank you for inspiring your readers to see life as a great adventure and a wonderful journey. Nizy blogs at Nizy’s Life Compendium.Nizy is A God-fearing WOMAN! Known as Nizy, Nak-Nak, Nacky, and Nice. A person who is positive about every aspect of life.

I would like to end this post by nominating the following bloggers with a Reader Appreciation Award. Please follow the rules below should you chose to accept the award:

1. Add a picture of the award to your blog post.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

3. Nominate 5-10 other Bloggers and inform those selected that they have been nominated.

Now, I’m passing this crown to some of my favorite blog friends that continue to inspire me!

Here are my nominees: Please accept my nomination of you/your blog for the Reader Appreciation Award!

1. I would like to show my appreciation for the men of God at Biltrix. James Stone, Father Jason Smith, Father Jose Laboy and Father Joseph Tham. You guys are awesome! I want you to know that your blog is a blessing to me and I enjoy reading articles and watching your videos that bring a clearer perspective on the challenging issues of our time. Thank you! The word “Biltrix” was coined by the medieval philosopher and logician Boethius of Dacia as an example of a meaningless word. But trust me, there is nothing meaningless here at Biltrix, they approaches cultural apologetics from a logical perspective, in order to bring truth and meaning to cultural discourse where issues are often blurred by the absurd. I highly recommend this blog.

2. Simplyjuliana is a blog with a big heart. Every time I read Juliana’s articles I go away feeling encouraged. She has a heart for people and seeks to lift spirits through her writing. You will find stories about her Chihuahua Gracie and other interesting stories, but Simplyjuliana is one of the few places you will find some solid biblical teaching. So Juliana, I would like to show my appreciation for a wonderful blog.

3. Planting Potatoes is a simple yet deeply profound concept of trusting God to do the rest after you have shown yourself faithful with the little He entrusted you with. It is a call to step out in faith and wait for God to show up even in times of drought. I would like to take a moment to say how much I Appreciate Planting Potatoes. I love reading the articles here. It is very inspiring.

4. Life Reference is another favorite blog of mine. What I crave for everyday of my life is perspective, something that will help me understand the what, why, how, and when. This is what life reference is to me. I would like to show my appreciation to Don for being a blessing in my life. For taking the simple things we go through daily and using them to bring perspective and clarity. Thank you.

5. Last but not least is Brian’s Blog. This blog I’ve nicknamed “the gentle giant.” Brian is not throwing around deep theological truths, or heavy philosophical concepts here on his blog. In fact his post are things like a simple email from his young son who sends an email saying – I love yuodad – yeah “YUODAD.” But those little things have giant effects on me. So thank you Brian, I appreciate you and your blog.

I could go on forever, but allow me to stop here for now. To everyone of you that I follow and visit from time to time, I want to say, I appreciate all of you. May the continue to use you mightily. Amen!

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There are three things I think about every moment of everyday... they consume me deeply. How to: 1. Refine my theological understanding 2. sharpen my ethical rigor 3. and heighten my devotional intensity. These are the things I write about. Welcome you to my blog... Join me on this incredible journey of exploration and discovery of all the things God has in store for His children. Join by following or subscribing. I appreciate your thoughts, comments and friendship. Walter


  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Walter! Also, thanks so much for thinking of me here. Keep up the good work, my friend. Have a great day…be blessed.


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