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Beautiful Ugly Scars


At 4 I started skipping school to go play what we call football, not America Football, but Football – the real deal. If you are still confused, I am talking about soccer. I can’t begin to tell you how many scars I have on my body from injuries playing soccer. But as rough as soccer can be, my most painful and visible scars did not come from playing soccer. I have eleven stitches on my right pinkie and 9 stitches on the right side of my face close to my ear and they were inflicted on me by my evil sister.

The injuries were punishment for telling on her. She was not to bring boys home, but one evening I caught her in the back yard kissing a guy. When she realized that I had flagged her down, she came after me with a vengeance. Her weapon of choice was one of those hard old fashioned Swedish Slippers. The next thing I knew, I was being rushed to the hospital.

All of us carry some kind of scar from different kinds of injuries. Unlike the ones described above, scars can leave a profound impact us. We will never be the same spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Scars can come from broken relationships, broken dreams and uninvited accidents.

Some scars are inflicted by the words, lies, and abandonment from people or forces outside of us. Others are self inflicted by bad choices, and poor judgments. Behind every scar is a story of hurt, pain and unforeseen accidents. In any event they leave us deeply wounded – sometimes for life.

That is why it is important to allow wounds to heal properly. The one who lost a loved one or friend has to go through the process of grieving in order to heal properly. The man or woman with a broken heart from a failed marriage must allow time for mending in order to heal properly.

 The beauty of a wound is when it is healed properly and completely.

Some people try so hard to mask their scars. Others try to embellish them. Still others try to deny them. These are signs that the wound is not proper healed. Those who in fact are properly healed still try to cover-up theirs cars. Because sometimes scars can be a little too embarrassing to expose. Allow me to propose a whole new attitude toward your scars. From today onward, whenever you look at your scars I want you to see them as:

A mark of permanent healing.
Whatever it was that hurt or brought you pain is completely gone. You will never feel that pain again. You will never feel threatened by it again.
A mark of how strong you are.
Whatever it was that came against you, look you are still standing. It was meant to knock you down and take you out, but you survived.
A mark of testimony
It informs others that you know a thing or two about life and can give them a helping hand if they ever go through what you’ve been through, because you are a live testimony of the power and grace of God.
A mark of thanksgiving and praise
Every time you see or remember your scar it is an opportunity for you to give praise to God. It is a time to count your blessings. Be thankful that God took what was meant for evil and brought some good out of it.
So, stop hiding your scars, never be embarrassed by them, show them off, boast about them because they point to the fact to you have overcome.

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  1. Did you know that there are some very obvious and distinguishing marks or scars on Jesus.? Did you know each one of those scars tell a story of redemption, sacrifice and grace? Did you know that they will remain on him for eternity? What a beautiful reminder of what he did for us.



    • I trust it was truly a blessing. May the Lord continue to remind us to hold on to his nailed scared hand, the very source of our healing. Stay blessed Carolyn!


  2. Planting Potatoes says

    I agree with you Walter….funny you should talk about this today…I was just thinking about this scar I have on my forehead where they had to put a tube in my head….you know, I was so aware of it after the surgery…but now, I forget it’s even there! And I trust God that he restored me and so I can believe I won’t feel that again…..amen!


  3. I can appreciate this blog for years I had a scare on my body where I had the chicken pocks and I was so embarrassed of people staring and it wasn’t until I got older in life where I stop worrying so such if they see it, I am not completely comfortable about having people look at mmy scared but I once heard a story wehre someone said our scares shows that we made it… AMEN


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