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And these signs shall follow you


From time to time I come across some very very interesting people. My favorite are those who really have a desire to see God move in the Church. Whatever that might mean to them. I appreciate their passion and zeal for the things of God – I really do. I like to spend time with people like these. I almost always end up spending time in prayer or praise with them.

One of the things they are really passionate about is seeing the presence and power of God moving in the church. They are hungry to see the miraculous. So, you might hear them get a little judgmental about pastors and church leadership. sometimes I want to shut them up, but I always remind myself that I need them to keep me humble, because I need the power of God for all of life and ministry.

Where is the move of God? They ask. Where is the miraculous,? They question. Why are we not seeing the things we see happening in the Bible? These questions are great questions, but so often they are asked with a judgmental eye on what is lacking in others not in oneself. They want their pastor to be like that other pastor on tv. They want their church to look like that other church across town. Don’t get me wrong! I mean, the most logical thing is – if God is moving over there, why is he not moving over here? I get it, but the thing is they are asking the wrong question. Here is what they should be saying:

If God is moving in the lives of those believers over there, why is He not moving in my life? After all, I am a believer! “And these signs shall follow those who believe…” Mark 16:17

What I have come to realize is that these people will not be asking these questions if all the things they are looking for were already happening in and through their lives. What they fail to realize is that they are ignoring their own lack of the presence of God. They ignore that that the miraculous is not happening in their own lives. Sometimes I want to go – well, what about you? I don’t see you raising the dead or working miracles.

Is the power you want others to have activated in you?

So, I want you wherever you are today, to draw a circle, either an imaginary one, or one that you can actually draw. Step into the circle or imagine yourself in it, than pray this prayer:

Lord start with me. Spark a revival in me. Let me experience your presence and power and your glory in a dimension like never before. Let these signs you speak about in scriptures begin to follow me. Use me to manifest you glory and power. Let purity and holiness characterize my lifestyle. Help me to be a fire starter… In Jesus name Amen!

Here is the point: If you are not experiencing and manifesting the power of God in your world, you have no right to criticize anybody else. Keep yourself in that circle of prayer, purity and humility until He begins to move in your life.

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  1. As an evangelist, I’ve had the pleasure and displeasure of being a catalyst for revival in some churches. The leaders (pastors and deacons) are usually the greatest deterrents to the revival. So let us pray for our church leaders, that their hearts be softened and made malleable in the Potter’s hands. May their dead wood be replaced with a living vine full of grace, truth, and courage to make the changes necessary to walk in faith!


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