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Testimony from the mission field

I received this testimony today by email from one of our missionaries near Lilongwe, Malawi. I pray that it is blessings to you today. Dan and Noreen served for a long time in Angola and recently moved to Malawi to be Bible School teachers and do evangelism.


The following story took place on Friday night, June 22, 2012, near Lilongwe, Malawi.
I wanted to give you a report on our Friday night open-air meeting with pastor Benson in a village near Lilongwe where we live.

We showed a portion of the Jesus movie then I had the opportunity to preach. I shared the text from Exodus 9:1 about God telling Pharoah to let His people go!. We made contemporary comparisons on being in bondage as the Israelites were. About 30 adults responded to the altar call and about 50 kids! A good number of these people do not attend church anywhere. We prayed for a few who had specific problems, nightmares, broken families and alcohol addiction.

As we began driving out of the lot where we showed the movie, a family and friends came running toward our car. Pastor Benson gets out to see what the problem is. A man was holding a young boy in his arms who was totally limp, appearing dead. He is a son of a woman who attends the AG church where Benson pastors. The boy had collapsed in their house without any explanation.

There were four of us that consisted of the ministry team. We immediately began praying! About 20 minutes of intense intercession had passed before the boy began to make any kind of a noise. We kept praying for several more minutes. The boy by this time had moaned several times like he was being forced to wake up but wanted to keep sleeping. We prayed some more. The situation seemed much better but they decided to take him to a nearby hospital. So we drove the husband, wife, and boy along with Pastor Benson and a couple of others that were with us.

At the hospital, we got more of what happened. After the boy collapsed, his body temp was below normal. The dad wanted to take the boy to the morgue thinking the son was dead. The mom insisted to bring him to us for prayer. While in transit to the hospital, the boy’s body temp normalized and he was even able to walk with his family to be examined by a doctor.

As Pastor Benson and the other two men who were part of our crusade team talked about what had just happened, the boy was either brought back to life or nearly dead and God brought him back to life. We just witnessed an amazing miracle! And the dad, who is backslidden, began to be broken over the incident.
Sunday afternoon we visited the boy. He is perfectly normal! The hospital has no idea what would have caused the boy to collapse.

So, during this weekend of ministry, the LORD saved, healed, delivered and brought back a young boy who by all indications was dead.

Keep praying!!!
Dan & Noreen McGaffee
missionaries to Malawi
Or write to them:
Bible college instruction and Evangelism
PO Box 369
Lilongwe, Malawi

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