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Is Treasure Island still a treasure?

Yesterday I decided to visit treasure island in San Francisco, you don’t only get a great view of the city if you are a photography enthusiast; but I still have a few friends living out there. Well, there are two new things I noticed on the island. One that shocked me and the other that had me praising God.
Let me start with the good one:
There is new c3church campus on the island.



According to them C3 Church exists to connect people to God. They are passionate about the local church as God’s expression of his love, grace and mercy on the earth. Their hope is that people would make C3 their church home and find community that will help them not just believe but belong. And their website provides all the necessary information and resources to get to know and experience God, – it is a Church and people for yourself.

Their pastors are Mark and Gail Smallcombe

Well, the second thing that I wasn’t crazy about was a new addition to the island was a 40 feet tall, 7000 pounds structure of a nude dancing woman erected sometime in may 201. By day, the dancer’s ‘skin’, made of stainless steal mesh, shimmers in the sun. By night, it alights brilliantly with a complex array of 1000 slowly changing l.e.d. colored lights. Viewers may interact with and manipulate the lighting effects with an iphone application. “The dancer’s delicate, graceful form precariously balances on one foot, adding to the astonishing impression of imminent movement and lifelike presence” – one commentator brags.

I enjoy art immensely, but when it serves up a public display of a nude woman, it is no longer art for me. I mean they are telling us to tear down our public display of crosses, but they find no problem building structures like the one on treasure island.

I believe that the structure is a physical manifestation of a deeper spiritual problem. I don’t know Marco Cockrane and certainly don’t know the inspiration or motivation behind the structure, but for me it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that I don’t want to drive by the structure of a nude woman everyday on my way to and back from work. Here are a few photo, don’t worry – They are cropped:


Treasure Island will be treasure again when bliss dance relocates!





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  1. Planting Potatoes says

    Treasure Island…..must look a lot different than when I was stationed there way back….:) I agree with you about the “art” and I am going to check out the church.


    • Nothing much has really… But I hear that there is going to be some major development in a not too distant future. They are expecting to add a sweeping 19,000 residents to the island.


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