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What’s in your Hand?

Take the little you have and make it his – He will supply your every need!

For the widow with a huge debt on her head and the creditors harassing her daily,  it was just a few drops of oil that she had. But after believing God’s word through the man of God – she gathered a few bottles, closed the doors of her house, and began pouring the oil. The oil never stopped flowing until she ran out of bottles.

For Moses it was a leadership possession and a mission impossible for a guy with stammering lips and a rod in his hand. But God used him to lead His people into the promised land, worked 10 miraculous signs and parted the red sea by the stick of a nomad.

For Gideon, the least of his brothers, it was this sense of low self esteem and a disturbed vision or assessment of who He was. When he looked at himself all he saw was weakness, failure, incompetence. But when God saw him – He saw a mighty man of valor, a man who could do great things. Our biggest problem is not that we are powerless. Our biggest problem is the ability to recognize that we are more than powerful. Not because we are gods – because we are not! But because we have a mighty God living in us and constantly with us.

For a young boy, whose parent thought about the long and difficult journey they usually took to go listen to the long sermons of Jesus, it was a happy meal of fish and bread. But Jesus took it, blessed it, and distributed it to feed thousands.

When God calls you, He is not looking for your ability – He is looking for your availability. He sees you at the point of your need, He sees you at the point of crossing your red sea and if you will just trust with what you have in your hand He will take it, bless it, use it and part your red sea. God is able to supply your every need according to his riches in glory. What’s in your hands?

What you have may not be much, but I know he can multiply it by one touch. Give it to Him!

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  1. Phil 4:19 is one of my favorite verses. Your post is great…He can indeed multiply what we have and He will always give us what we need in life, even when it may not match up with what we ‘want’ in life. Praise God.


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