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Edging God Out – Silly and Senseless

As we try to understand Jonah there is only but one place to look to give us a glimpse of who exactly this guy is and why is he behaving in such erratic way.

His name:

Jonah means “dove,” a symbol for Israel as silly and senseless (Hos. 7:11)

In this book he is acting without sense. The word dove means – easily deceived. Like a bird fluttering about, confused and without direction. He thinks he can escape God by running to another nation.

Here is the problem:

The problem with  doves is that they do not lament the loss of their young taken from them, but will make their nest again in the same place leaving it expose to danger…

1. Doves doesn’t learn from their mistakes… just like doves, we return to our own vomit… making the same bad choices, bad decisions, abusive relationships, foolish spending etc…  Don’t be silly and senseless – learn from your mistakes.

The second problem is that the dove is easily enticed they have no heart, no understanding, as many other fowls do, Proverbs 1:17; Proverbs 7:23.

2.  Doves lack the ability to discern danger… just like doves, we often expose ourselves to danger or are easily enticed into them… let us be a bit more discerning. Discerning the times, discerning the wiles and schemes of the evil, discerning of what God is telling us about his world, church and mission.

When doves are frightened, they do not have the courage to stay in the dove-house, where it is safe, and under the careful protection of their  owner, but flutters and hovers, seeking shelter first in one place, then in another, and thereby expose themselves to danger.

3. Doves find it hard to trust that they are safe under the protection of their owner. Just like doves, I don’t why we find it so hard to trust in our great God who is able to anything… why do we trust in ourselves, why do we take refuge in people and things – instead of trusting and taking refuge in our big God!

Let’s not be silly and senseless.

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