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Pray some into the Church – Pray some out?

I once heard a pastor say, “You pray some into the church and you pray some out.” What do you think?

Would you take a moment to pray for churches today that are at the brink of a split? Pray for redemptive love mutual submission, and forgiveness to invade those houses of worship.

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  1. arm5 says

    A church split only happens when we have unforgiveness in of the parties and also control issues.


  2. The only caution for praying in and out is the nature of the flesh. A pastor should be doing it for the right reasons, but many pray someone “out” just because they don’t like the person or have some ax to grind with them.

    Good bless you this day 🙂


  3. I always have taken the advise of scripture…be careful pulling weeds, because you can pull up some plants with it. God will take care of the weeds or make them a new creation in Him. Great thought provoking post.


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