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There is hope for all Benchwarmers!

For the past 12 or more days the story of a young man named Jeremy Lin continues to build and captivate the sports world. The story is fascinating because just a short while ago no one was talking about him and his untapped potential. In fact he was an unknown benchwarmer who was often mistaken for a trainer by Madison Square Garden security guards. But today, the 23 year old has become an overnight sensation, and even Taiwan and China are both claiming him as their own.

We have seen this same scenario before – people who have been over-looked, benched and passed over many times only to somehow rise and shoot for the stars. Jennifer Hudson, for example didn’t even make the top five when she competed on American Idol and got booted out only to go on to win an Academy Award for best supporting actress, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, an NAACP Image Award, a Screen Actors Guide Award and a Grammy Award.

Tom Brady is another example. He got passed over for six other passers and about 192 other players. But today, through him, the Patriots have earned trips to the Super Bowl, winning three of them. He has won two Super Bowl MVP Awards, was selected to seven Pro Bowls, and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single regular season.

King David also was passed over, looked down upon and wasn’t even invited to the draft for king of Israel. When God wanted to raise up a king for Israel He sent the prophet  Samuel to the house of Jesse to anoint for Israel a king. When the prophet arrived, Jesse had all his sons but one lined up for the top job. When the prophet asked Jesse if these were all his sons – he said, well, there is another but he is ‘just a boy’ – just a shepherd boy. David was brought to the prophet and the prophet anointed him king over Israel.

You see, when everybody sees you as just a shepherd boy – God sees something different – God sees a king.

God sees your potential, God sees you ability, God sees more in you. And He is always willing to tap into your potential. When all others see is just a rod in your hand – God sees an instrument that can part the red sea. When all others see is a little boy’s lunch of fish and bread – God sees a happy meal on the kid’s menu that can feed thousands. God sees the potential in you!

So take courage and be not dismay, for your time is in God’s hand. You will be discovered – you will write that book – you will sign that contract – you will get that deal – you will break out – you will break-through – you will be recognized – you will be acknowledged – you will be counted – you will make your mark.

Don’t give up – your time is coming. Nothing can stop it!

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  1. I think this is a great aspect to keep in mind. Sometimes we can begin to feel lost, as if our works are nothing in the body of Christ. We must keep in mind that He shall edify us and as long as we remain humble, genuine, and faithful in our service then all of Heaven shall rejoice! Great post.


  2. I hope Lin hangs in there because now there’s going to be a lot of people who just want to see him back on that bench. I’m not a Knicks fan but I like to root for the underdog!


    • I’m in his corner as well. Hope he grows and gets better! I’m not a Knicks fan either just love to see the underdog do good. Thanks for the comment! See you on you blog.


  3. Good News Devotions says

    Hi Walter; yes; NEVER GIVE UP. I saw this on TV this morning..Great story about Jeremy Lin. Blessings… Bro Pat.


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