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The Ethics of Birth Control Part 2

Today we’ll continue the conversation with insights from Mark Driscoll, looking at 16 biblical truths that impact how we should view this issue:

The Bible says children are a blessing, but the Bible doesn’t seem to address the specific topic of birth control. Is this a black-and-white topic, or does it fall under liberties?

Nowhere in the Bible do we find terms such as contraceptionbirth control, or family planning. Still, the Bible does speak to those issues in principle. Therefore, to best answer these and other questions, we have to begin with a Christian worldview and then explore how the Bible principally establishes ethical guidelines by which contemporary birth control questions can be answered. The biblical worldview necessary for answering this question is comprised of sixteen truths.

With this Christian worldview in place, we are ready to examine the various options for a Christian couple considering birth control. Join us tomorrow for part 3.

This is a Reblog from one of my favorite blogs – Crossway Blog. Written by Lindsay Tully

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