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Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands get guidance

Psalm 3:5

Learn and maintain a Teachable Attitude

The great value that the book of proverbs seeks to instill in a person is the value of a teachable spirit; the willingness to learn and grow in wisdom no matter how far long a person already is. Louis L’Amour said,

The more one learns the more he understands his ignorance. I am simply an ignorant man, trying to lessen his ignorance.

Are you willing to grow? Are you willing to be stretched beyond where you are. Is there still room for improvement in your life or do you think you are too smart?  Are you willing to learn new things? Are you willing to listen and learn from people who may not hold to your school of thought, philosophy or even your religious beliefs?

There is always room in our lives to learn something new. The smartest people in the world are those who still have room in their lives to learn from others. They are constantly doing things to help become smarter and better because they know that,

It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

— John Wooden

Here are some things you can do to live with a teachable spirit:

  • Read, read and read some more… set a monthly goal
  • listen to friends, colleagues, and critics
  • look for mistakes in your own life and learn how to correct them
  • be open to new ideas… new ways of doing things…
  • give praise to others when they are right and you are wrong…
  • schedule a yearly get away to attend a conference
  • get a mentor… stay connected with a group of friends, pastor, colleagues
  • surround yourself with people who are better than you… yet never forget to teachable spirit to learn from anyone


I think the idea of maintaining a teachable spirit is of great value for anyone. Because the more you learn the better you become and better you become the more impactful you are. So never stop learn because –

He who stops being better stops being good.

— Oliver Cromwell

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