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Too good to be true!


The Romanticized ideals of Perfection

Successful pastors and church organizations almost always seem cooler from a distance. But the closer you get to the pastor or the church organization, the easier it is to see all their flaws, blemishes, and failures.

I am not talking about immoral or sinful behaviors. If you find yourself under such leadership it is more than okay to flee. I’m talking about things like leadership styles and flaws, relationship hiccups, poor conflict management skills, bad choices in the little things of life, etc…

Usually people begin to flip out big time when their expectations of a pastor or a church organization doesn’t measure up with their romanticized ideals. They begin to become negative, slanderous, disrespectful, arrogant, rude and sometimes rebellious.

A Personal Illustration

For me, it happened when I was young and on a church staff. I didn’t know better, and I soon started flipping out when I began to see some things that I kind of disagree with. Every time we had a staff meeting somebody in the group will say something like  – “so what’s the scoop on Joe.” Whenever I heard that phrase I began to boil in my spirit with anger. Because it almost felt like we were gossiping about people. Unfortunately, I started to lose respect for the people involved and my attitude over time began to stink.

But it doesn’t have end that way.  So, today, if you find yourself in such a situation here area a few questions you need to answer to decide what action you will take:

How can I humble myself in such a way that:

  1. I can continue to hold my pastor/church in high regard?
  2. I can continue living in submission to the leadership and spiritual authority of my pastor/church?
  3. I can continue to hear the voice of God through my pastor’s teaching, coaching and preaching?
  4. I can continue to love, honor and pray for my pastor/church?
  5. I can, through the help of the Holy Spirit, encourage, exhort and minister to my pastor as the God leads?
  6. I can address the issue with a positive attitude without contention and strife?
  7. I can daily check my life more rigorously and with fear and trembling so that I am growing in christian character even as I fellowship with this group? In other words, I am taking out the plank/log out of my eyes to see clearly to take the speck out of my brother’s eyes.

These are the things that will either set you apart as a true Christ follower and a growing disciple, or as a renegade follower of Jesus Christ with no heart for true devotion and a sincere growing faith.

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