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I Still Believe In Happily Ever After

I would like to share with you a video I captured on my iphone of my friends Diana and Tom. I had the privilege of officiating their wedding sometime in september 2011. I also am including a poem I wrote for them – the first poem I have ever written, so I hope you like it.

I still believe in happily ever after

Even though the divorce rate is still on the rise

And every minute, hour and day someone is left with  a broken heart

But I still believe

I still believe in happily ever after

Because of it my two daughters still dream

And  each day, every moment I think about them I will be praying for them to win

I still believe

I still believe in happily ever after

Even though in my marriage, in my very own home there is sometimes strain

And I confess, sometimes do want to leave because of my pain

But I still believe

I still believe in happily ever after

Even though you may believe otherwise

And because of your experience you feel like it is a dream that cannot be realized

But I still believe

I still believe in happily ever after

That restoration, second chances, healing and forgiveness are possible

If the two would just completely believe in the one who holds tomorrow

I still believe

I still believe in happily ever after

Cause love never fails, fades out or become obsolete or comes to an end

Love, real love, bears up under any and every circumstance

I still believe in happily ever after

By Walter Bright


If you believe in happily ever after than share the love with someone today. Tell us what keeps your relationship going, growing and strong. It is okay to share your doubts and fear as well, maybe you will find something here that will help you. But if you have the dream of happily ever after, I urge you to hope with me that dream will come true in 2012.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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  1. Great post! I believe also. We should strive stay strong by looking to the source of all of our strength. Thank you for encouraging us!


  2. Audrey Chu says

    It’s very touching and encouraging. Pastor Walter, I am at your side and I am beliving it, too.


  3. Good post and so right, doesnt mean its going to be good time all the time. Every good marriage have it ups and downs. Lovely poem, you did good for it to be your first poem. I know when I was younger I had stop believing in love, I actually have the poem on myy page call Don’t Believe.. But I out grew that crazy thinking because I had serious talk with GOD! WHO AM I TO STOP BELIVING IN LOVE WHEN HE DIED FOR OUR SINS! I wont lie and say sometimes I think its not for me, marriage I mean, but I know deep down WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT, THINGS WILL CHANGE. I could say so much on this post, actually been wanting to read this post all day, but got busy with real life stuff so thank you for your wonderful comment, do check back on my page to see what I had to say! You actually got me inspired to finish the poem I was working on. God Bless You! HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOU AND YOURS. GOD BLESS 🙂


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