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Catch those Foxes

Catch the Foxes: Protecting the Marriage Vineyard

[15 ] Catch the foxes for us,    the little foxes   that spoil the vineyards,    for our vineyards are in blossom.” (Song of Solomon 2:15 ESV)

Foxes are pests that wreak havoc in vineyards (e.g., they will eat the grapes). Although the vineyard has been associated with the appearance of the woman (1:6), here it is described as our vineyards and thus refers to their relationship. The foxes represent some hindrances that are threatening to spoil their relationship

In this series we will identify things in our relationship with our spouse that simply destroy the relationship and wreak havoc to the marriage. Here are a few things I can think of:

  1. Secrets. Some couples have secret bank accounts, have a password on their phone, email and social network sites to keep their partners out of their business. Here is a great advice… do not keep secrets it will hurt your relationship.
  2. Lies. Some couples lie to each other about everything. The lie about where they’ve been, who they were talking with on the phone or why they were late coming home. Tell the truth to one another. Even if the thing is shameful – come clean.
  3. Strife. There is sometimes constant quarrelling, bickering and fighting in the life of a husband and wife. Sometimes they fight about nothing. Be patient with one another, be slow to speak and quick to listen.
  4. Bitterness. Allowing hurts and pain of the past to damage your relationship. Not dealing with problems properly for healing and forgiveness to take effect. Tackle problems head on.
  5. Un-forgiveness. Unwilling to let go of past offenses. Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath. Address issues promptly.
  6. Resentment. Feel and express annoyance and ill will.
  7. Having and hanging with friends that your partner is not friends with.
  8. Arguments over money. This a big one!
  9. Sex, no sex, insufficient sex, unsatisfactory sex
  10. Entertainment. Be it tv shows, or movies to watch, or places to visit, there is constant disagreement about what to watch or where to go.

Join the conversation… add to the list and tell us how a couple can overcome these problems… thanks for sharing!


  1. a few months ago I took my wife and the kids to watch Courageous… Well after the movie, we all walked to the car, and as I opened the door for her to get into the car she starting crying. Than she did something ffrom of the kids that brought tears to my eyes and really made me feel great… She said thank you for being there for us.. thank you for being there for the kids. See, her father was never there for her. Anyway, my point is a relationship can be very successful if there is a regular dose of genuine gratitude toward each other.


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