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God And The Atlantic… A Review

John G. Turner

“Emerging Monstrousness”America, Europe, and the religious divide.

During a semester abroad in Mainz, Germany, in the mid-1990s, I sampled lectures on the New Testament from the university’s Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät. Fifteen years later, I can only remember two things the professor said in the course of the semester. First, when discussing a gospel account of a healing, he commented that “only some people in America” believed that such miracles actually occurred. Later on, he observed that when American theologians—he at least conceded that such rarities existed—happened upon an idea, they did so unaware that German theologians had fully vetted it several decades earlier. He might have added that few American Christians wanted their ministers to stumble upon any recent theological insights, from Germany or anywhere else. Die Amerikaner: superstitious, backward, ignorant.

In God and the Atlantic, Thomas Albert Howard analyzes the venerable history of European criticism and derision of American religion. “[Woodrow] Wilson talks like Jesus Christ and acts like Lloyd George,” French President Georges Clemenceau complained at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. No one accused George W. Bush of speaking like Jesus, but European dissatisfaction with his purportedly evangelical administration produced fresh discussions of a longstanding “transatlantic religious%2

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  1. I havent’ read the book (but I understand it’s not about today’s situation) nor have I been to Europe so I can only go by what a person sees in the news but as for today it seems as if Christianity is disappearing faster in Europe than it is in our own country sadly.


    • I have been to paris and frankfort two different times and it was just a 3 hour stop-)But most of the guys I went to school with and live in different parts of europe tell me that indeed christianity has been on a decline. Churches are closing their doors and people are becoming more and more irreligious. However, they also report some very exciting things happening over there.


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