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I am not a Morning Person. Liar!

Are you a morning person ?

My piano tuner came over a few days ago to tune my 1925 Brambach. But as usual, he loves to chit-chat before starting work. We talked about a few things including his son’s recent marriage, his other son’s missions trip to Fiji, that he recently became an ordained minister, the inter-denominational meeting he is involved with and how he and another brother got sucked into a heated debate about eternal security.  Finally,  he said something very interesting. He said,

I always thought I was not a morning person, but I was challenged three months ago to get up as early as possible and begin to pray and study the word of God and boy it has completely changed my life

This post is not about making getting up early in the morning to pray the only way for one to have a prayer life or sustain a regular, growing, intimate relationship with the Lord. Some have tried to make others feel guilty and less spiritual by telling them that praying in the morning is better than doing it any other time. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand for practical reasons why seeking him early in the morning could be one of the best ways to connect with the Lord. For example, your day could get too busy or you could be too tired to draw near at the end of the day.  But I recognize we are not all the same, and we all don’t have the same jobs or schedule.

So, this little motivational post is to discourage people from making excuses about their lack of prayer and devotion in their lives by saying things like ‘I am not a morning person’ when it comes to prayer. Because the question is what do you do with the rest of your time? Have you schedule another time in your day to meet with God on a consistent basis, or are you too busy to make it happen. Are you up on the internet… playing video games… watching movies all night? If you are, a simple change in your daily habits, nightly habits or bad habits could improve your prayer habit.

I strongly encourage you today to make up your mind about when you are going to meet with God. For Jesus, it was early in the morning (mk. 1:35) and planned special getaways… like when he took Peter , James and John up on the mountain to pray… (Matt. 17).

There is value in having a continued conversation with God all through the day, but there is great value in having a specific time with him – when you can enjoy deeper levels of intimacy. For some it may be in the morning and for others it is sometime during the day.

For my piano tuner it was just laziness and needed to get a wake up call about taking serious his prayer life. When he got that call – his silly excuse about not being a morning person was gone and now, for three months straight he has gotten up for his time with the Lord.

What about you – have you made up your mind what time you are going to spend with the Lord. He is calling and waiting.

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