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Close your mouth!


When I was young boy growing up in my mama’s house there was one phrase I heard over and over again – close your mouth Walter! Well, I wasn’t saying anything, but I had a habit of just keeping my mouth open. So I got the constant reminder to close my mouth.

If I could, I would use the same phrase to people who just won’t close their mouth. People who just won’t say anything without using a foul language, a curse word or a vulgar and obscene joke. Sometimes I just want to go – “close your mouth”.

I understand, that the tongue is a very difficult thing to tame, and I don’t want to find myself fussing about cursed words with unbelievers. But at least believers should be different from people of the world, cause I think they have and know the truth.

I was reminded by the Lord just after I became a believer that my old and worldly ways of speaking was about time to be abandoned, and a new way of speaking was supposed to be a part of my new life.

Ephesians 5:4

Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out-of-place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.

This reminder came one morning – a day after I had exaggerated about some things to my friends. Yes, I said exaggerated! That morning I woke up to the reality of my sin in a dream that I believe the Lord gave me. I saw the Lord with a toothbrush in his hand brushing my tongue. Every stoke removed something like grated coconut from my tongue. When I woke up – the Lord said – now, go and speak the truth to your friends. It changed my life forever. From that day it was very had to get a curse word, coursed joke, and exaggeration or a foul language out of my mouth.

What about you – do you still use your mouth to curse, swear, slander, gossip, lie, condemn, demean and criticize others. Do you still use your mouth in obscene talk, to spread strife, and speak rashly toward others? Maybe today is your day for God to do some mouth washing and tongue scrubbing. Would you yield to him today?

Read More:

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