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Open my eyes Lord

Eyes Open

No one can argue that the human eye is one of the most powerful instruments on earth. I say this because I have been blessed with this God-given gift. It is wonderful to have this ability to see and I have had it since I was born. I can’t imagine my life without it. For this I am so very grateful to the Lord. I also sympathize with those who were born without it as well as with those who lost it for one reason or the other.

The human eye is able to spot the smallest detail in the widest view, but what the eye sees is not the full picture. Alongside the world we see is a very different world,  one that the human eye is limited to seeing in so many ways. Beyond the narrow range of light that makes up the familiar colours of the rainbow is a vast spectrum of light, entirely unseen. That is why we need telescopes or microscopes to see things that can not be seen with the Naked eye. That is why scientists have built high-speed cameras to be able to capture things that we normally won’t be able to see with the naked eye (Top

In the same way, there are things that exist spiritually that we fail to comprehend or understand. Things that are real, things that are extraordinary. Unfortunately, sometimes our spiritual eyes are just too dull to be able to capture or see all of these incredible spiritual realities. So the question is – what will it take for us to be able to peel back the scales from our eyes and take a pick into the realm of God’s reality.

I think there is just two things:

  • God’s loving grace inviting in and opening our eyes to His reality through Jesus christ the savior
  • A simple prayer – Lord open my eyes – for those who already know him

One depends entirely on God and His gracious gift and the other on us… if we would just simply ask. The first, we can do nothing about – because it is from him, for him, because of him and for his glory. Not because of who we are or what we’ve done. Not because we are so supper spiritual but because we are simply available. The second we can do something about – through honest humbling, seeking, diligent surrender and simple faith asking. What does this asking look like:

  1. Lord open my eyes so that I can see you in all your glory and splendor
  2. Lord open my eyes so that I can see my humanity
  3. Lord open my eyes so that I can see others like you do
  4. Lord open my eyes so that I can see wondrous things in your word
  5. Lord open my eyes so that I can see that traps, plots, snares, and deceptions of the devil
  6. Lord open my eyes so that I can see the way of escape from the devil’s plots
  7. Lord open my eyes so that I can see you plan for my life
  8. Lord open my eyes so that I can see how victorious and free I am in you
  9. Lord open my eyes so that I can see the hurting, broken and the forgotten
  10. Lord open my eyes so that I can see we are living in the last days

Read More:

Luke 18:41; Psalm 119:18; Luke 24:45; John 14:26; James 1:17; Ephesians 1:17-19

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