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Creating Community

Well, I forgot to let you all know
that I finished Andy Stanley’s Creating Community last week. So please allow me
to share with you a few things I clipped in my Kindle:1/.”It is better to eat Twinkies with good friends than to eat broccoli alone.” I thought
this was a compelling way to emphasize that strong relationships pay huge
dividends, even toward good health. because we grow when we are in loving
relationships, but we die slowly when we are isolated.

2/. “The kind of connections we need is more than casual. Casual connections aren’t
life-giving.” Only God Spirit unleashed through His body can make that kind of
difference. According to Him the only place that kind of life-changing
Experience is displayed – is the church in the community.

3/. The goal for Andy is to:
a. see people grow in their relationship with Christ
b. Pursue three vital relationships
c. Be a part of a small group…
For them, it’s all about relationships… that’s where people grow…
that’s what their church is all about… According to him – “sustained growth
takes place where people are personally challenged and encouraged in their
relationship with God and others.”

4/. “Part of the authentic community is accountability, which involves inviting other people into your life to
challenge you in your priorities and your relationships.”

5/. “As our lungs require air, so our souls require what only community provides. We were
designed to live in relationship. Without it, we die. It’s that

To me all the above were excellent.  The one thing that kept coming back to me as I read the book was the question he asked about “what do you want to be known as a church.” When
others look at you or at your church what one word summarizes you?

Some churches are just known as evangelistic in nature, others are known only for
their great worship. For some it’s all about dogma (doctrinal), others recovery,
service to the community and still for others it’s all about relationships
(small groups). Well, if I were to choose what kind of church I want to be known
as – I think I will love to be known as a church that embraces all the above in
such a unique way that it’ll be had to notice any lack or weakness in any one of the areas listed above.
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